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Yangcheng Lake

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Location: Suzhou
Address: Yangcheng Lake, Bacheng Town, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu 2151311
Fee: Free access
Operation: 8:00 -23:00 Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 22:00 Saturday to Sunday
Route: Take Bus No. 107 at Kunshan Railway Station

Phone: 86-512-5765 1266 or 5766 1116


Located about three kilometers northeast of the City of Suzhou, the Yangcheng Lake (Lake Yangcheng) is a freshwater lake and is well known for one of its aquatic produces – Da Zha Xie, a Chinese mitten crab.

The lake lies between Lake Taihu and the Yangtze River and borders three county-level cities under Suzhou’s jurisdiction: Changshu, Kunshan and Wuxian. The surface area of the lake is about 20 square kilometers.


In its history, the lake was involved in a story of the traditional Peking Opera, “Sha Jia Bang” (Sha Family’s Creek), where the creek is the birthplace of the legend. This legendary tale was formed in the 1970s. Due to the lack of entertainments in the period, the play became at the time very famous.

Tourist Attractions

One of the lake’s aquatic produces – the Chinese mitten crab – is a hairy animal. The crabs migrate from Yangcheng Lake to the Yangtze River Delta for mating in September and October. Local fishermen harvest the crabs and sell them as a delicacy in market. The total production of the crab reached about 1,500 tons in 2002.

Recommended for its natural beauty and its well-known aquatic produce, the special mitten crab.

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